• 20
    Feb 2017
    SD City Beat
    3 Punk Ales Brewing Co. ready to rock Chula Vista.
    New brewery bringing punk-rock suds to the South Bay
  • 3
    Sept 2016
    Bacon Fest!

    3PA Brings SIX Craft Beers to San Diego's premier and original Bacon Fest.
  • 7
    Aug 2016
    Lemon Fest

    3 Punk Ales is proud to support the 20th anual 3rd Ave. Lemon Festival.
  • 30
    June 2016
    Construction Begins!

    Turning a department store into a brewery! 3 Punk Ales featured on ABC 10 News.
  • 26
    Feb 2016
    Sprung 4 Life Release

    Come out and get your pint of 3 Punk Ales collaboration with San Diego's own Sprung Monkey - Sprung 4 life IPA!
  • 14
    Jan 2016
    Thr3e Punk Ales signs a lease in Chula Vista!

    Third Avenue Village gets the craft brewery the city's been hoping for.
  • 23
    April 2016
    3PA Hits the 2016 Beer Fest Schedule!

    Thr3e Punk Ales will be featured at the San Diego Citybeat Festival of Beers & Mission Valley Beer Fest!
  • 12
    DEC 2015
    3PA @ New Kids!

    2015 San Diego NEW KIDS! - 3PA's Needle in the Hey! IPA on tap! - San Diego's Newest Breweries & Distilleries + Live Music.
  • 23
    AUG 2015
    Sprung Monkey on 91X Loud Speaker!
    Ernie of Sprung Monkey announces brew partnership with 3PA on 91X.


Thr3e Punk Ales brewing company, Regarded for crafting QUALITY Ales. For those who seek better beer... San Diego Craftsmanship.


Needle in the Hey!

Perfect balance of ABV heat, hop bitterness and malt sweetness. Solid hop profile, lemony & grassy. Thank you so much!

- Matt Cieslak "The Manhattan".